Speaking a New Language

corona virus watercolor by Claire fcJ

An reflection by Clare, fcJ, on relationships in the new normal.
First appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

We are all getting used to the challenge of living the strange new normal that is allowing us to plot a delicate chart between everyday life and COVID19.

Our new way of interaction consists of things like face masks; hand sanitizer; social distance; work from home and a good deal less close interaction. I have found myself reflecting on how things have changed having recently crossed the globe in order to return to my community. How well social distance expresses it – we have been forced to keep our distance, to be more formal in the way we relate to each other, to be masked and sterile.

If we are not careful our new normal could turn into a new strangeness, or worse still, a mutual suspicion. This strikes me as extremely sad. I have discovered that there are ways to bridge this distance and that it is still possible to communicate a smile and a friendly demeanor. We just have to try a little harder and make more effort to communicate that we are still friendly and personable. I think it’s worth it for all of us, for the sake of healing and for the sake of the future.


Artwork by Sr Claire, fcJ