The big decisions in life

By Lynne, fcJ

Ignatian discernment is about a way of living that is attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Living out of an Ignatian spirituality invites us to reflection each day on the signs and glimpses of Gods action. But discernment is also about the big decisions of our lives, and whilst we may in theory accept this, in my experience of working with young adults, it can be extremely difficult to entrust these big life changing decisions to scrutiny from our spiritual selves. We are happier trusting rational thought… and yet our lives are far from purely rational!

So how might we bring these two aspects of our lives together in order to be open to hear where God may be calling us?

There are many good resources available on this subject so I don’t intend saying anything lengthy, but I offer just a few points that may be of use;

Consider ‘do I honestly want to do what God desires for me, or have I a long list of preconditions?’
Now consider that again. Notice where my inclination lies. Acknowledge it. Ask God for light and grace to become more free.

Think about the external pressures there are on me. (the opinions of others, career pressure, expectations of self etc). Speak with God about these. Which ones are revealing truth and goodness to me? Which are false prophets?

Talk with someone outside the situation. Share with them what your heart, as well as your head, is saying.

Choose. Don’t miss your life by waiting for certainty.

Look for confirmation. Maybe a feeling of peace, or an opening of opportunity that comes when the decision is made…

Don’t be afraid to be wrong! You are held in God’s love no matter what.

() The big decisions in life