Care for the Earth Begins Right Here

Submitted by Sr Paola, fcJ, from the Manila community, on behalf of the FCJ Learning and Development Center

Environmental Awareness and Disaster Risk Reduction Management is one of the programs of the FCJ Learning and Development Center in Manila. We approach this in many ways; input sessions on climate change, management of waste materials, crafts using recycled materials, training in how to deal with disasters like floods, earthquakes and fire, safety in the home and keeping the environment clean and safe for everyone.

Waste management

Usually, our sessions are face to face but since the COVID19 pandemic we have also made use of our Facebook page to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Think globally, act locally is our motto.


There are regular “Clean and Green” sessions where the staff of the FCJ Center and members of the community come together to clean up the area and to encourage people to dispose of garbage responsibly.  Sometimes the creeks become dangerously clogged with refuse and then we enlist the help of local government to help with the cleaning as it is more than the local people can manage.

Translation: Let’s clean our surroundings! Avoid sickness! Avoid Covid!



This year and last, because of the pandemic, unfortunately we have not been able to hold our annual Creation Celebration in which very many people of all ages take part. Ever since “Laudato Si” [Pope Francis Encyclical letter on Care for Our Common Home] every year we have celebrated creation in the communities with prayer, song, dance and other activities.  We will only care for what we know, love and value.

May our love for our Common Home give us courage to continue to care for it in whatever way we can.