CiMs and FCJ Sisters in Australia

News from Companions in Mission in Australia

Sisters Bonnie Moser, General Superior, and Ruth Casey, General Assistant have recently spent a few weeks visiting the FCJ communuties in Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Australia. While in Australia they met the FCJ Companions in Mission

Companions in Mission met with Bonnie and Ruth and some FCJ sisters in Melbourne for morning tea at the FCJ Convent in Richmond on Saturday 25 November. After a general chat and cuppa, Sr Barbara fcJ (Area of Australia Leader) suggested that the CiMs share a little of their CiM experience with Bonnie and Ruth. Then Bonnie and Ruth spoke of their own life stories and some of what they are involved in now. Ruth described the extensive developments being planned for the FCJ Heritage Center in Paris. Bonnie shared some of her early experiences as she answered God’s call to become an FCJ.

Eve, CiM says: “Not only was it fascinating to hear of their work and experiences but to realise what ‘women of the world’ they are – how optimistic and hopeful about change – how inclusive and accepting – urging us to stay connected to our communities. In these troubled times, we CiMs can really make a difference. How extremely fortunate are we to have such role models. It was a very special meeting I will never forget.