Companions in Mission in Merseyside

Widening the Circle of Love

Helen, a new Companion in Mission in the Liverpool area, shares her experience of becoming a Companion in Mission

The Merseyside Companions in Mission (CiMs) and the FCJ Sisters welcomed three of us into the CiM fold on Sunday 24 September 2023 at the FCJ Centre St Hugh’s in Liverpool. We are grateful for the guidance of Companions in Mission Alison and Helen, Sr Lynne fcJ and indeed all the Merseyside (or previously Merseyside) fcJs in preparing and accompanying us in our formation.

I felt very privileged to be making my commitment alongside Sue and Claire. Both Sue and Claire have been involved with the fcJs in some form throughout their lives and their lifetime of fcJ enthused wisdom, gentleness and joy has been evident throughout our sessions. Being brought up in a different region of the UK, I was introduced to the fcJs in 2018.  Since then the charism of the fcJs has been compelling, and it has been as if I have finally embraced a lifelong call to Widen the Circle of Love as a CiM.

The simple service was based on one previously prepared by Alison and Helen for their ceremony with Psalm 139 – O God, you search me and you know me — and the Gospel from Luke 5 – Jesus calls his first disciples. These selections reflected our own journeys perfectly, and the scripture quote that has spoken to me throughout my life is within it duc in altum (put out into the deep). Often having felt isolated when I put into the deep on my own, the realisation that now I had global companions with me, filled me with a sense of great joy, gratitude and love which quite overwhelmed me when I made my commitment.