Beginning and Renewing

There have been many reasons for celebrating in our Yogyakarta Companions in Mission group since the beginning of the year.  On 27th of January fifteen new companions made their commitment to begin the preparation programme (photo above). Sr Irene, fcJ received the new group in the presence of all the CiMs, including coordinators and the FCJ sisters.

Two months later, on 24th March, the CiM in preparation witnessed how the existing CiM renewed their commitment for three years. Clare, fcJ received the commitment, assisted by Companions in Mission Retno and Tiwi.


In both cases the ceremony and the celebration which followed were lovingly prepared by the CiM who have already made commitment. To add to our joy Sr Afra, fcJ, the Area Leader in Asia, recently appointed two new coordinators: Sophie and Erlin. We have much to celebrate: fifteen CiM in preparation, twenty one committed CiM and six co-coordinators (Clare fcJ, Erlin CiM, Irene fcJ, Retno CiM, Sophie CiM and Tiwi CiM).

Submitted from Yogyakarta by Erlin, CiM and Clare, fcJ