FCJ SIsters and Companions in Mission

Celebrating Marie Madeleine’s Birthday

Every year FCJ sisters and Companions in Mission around the world mark the birthday of Venerable Marie Madeleine d’Houët, FCJ foundress, and the Companions in Mission International Day on 21 September. Here is a snippet of the celebration at the FCJ community in Manila

Companions in Mission, together with the FCJ Sisters here in Manila celebrated Marie Madeleine’s Birthday and Companions in Mission International Day on on September 25, 2022. It was the best time for us to gather together in Kamias house. This was the first experience for Sisters Michelle and Lina, recently missioned to the Philippines from Canada and Indonesia respectively.

Before the prayer, all of us introduced ourselves and said how we felt. Then, we began the prayer led by Ate Didi, one of our Companions in Mission. For reflection we were divided into small groups to reflect on how Jesus is working in our lives right now and in times of crisis, and how we can show our gratefulness to others. The sharing was deep and meaningful and brought us to a renewed awareness that Jesus is always with us. After the prayer we enjoyed the food and games. It was a joyful and blessed day for all of us.