Companions in Mission Art Retreat

Submitted by Maria Rosa, local coordinator of a Companions in Mission group in Australia

Our Companions in Mission Group eagerly gathered on Saturday 18 March at the FCJ Convent in Richmond for our annual retreat.

Helena Goldsmith, our former colleague from Genazzano FCJ College, who now works at MACS (Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools), was our retreat facilitator. The theme was ‘The Centre of My Being’ and focussed on two main sessions. The first session was on prayer, meditation and creative journalling; creative journalling involved recognising the grace of God’s presence; and reflection both during and after other people have shared their experiences.

The second session was on theological reflection or remembering a transformative experience and then choosing an image from our lives that reflected this experience. We considered how this may have been addressed in scripture and discussed how and where we have been called to action in our lives.

Our group thanks the FCJ Sisters for allowing us to be in the beautiful environment of the Convent and its grounds, Sr Anne for looking after us during the day, and our facilitator, Helena for her generous leadership.