Each Person is Precious

A reflection by Sr Lynne, fcJ, first appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

The horror of war, famine, suffering that we see daily on our screens can be overwhelming. I feel strongly that we are called to stay present, to stand at the foot of this cross, largely powerless except in bearing witness.

I have been very moved in recognising in the widespread horror, the individual person, with their life, hopes, family, work and story. Each one of these people we see suffering (or indeed inflicting the suffering) is a person, they have a life and history.

Two days ago a grainy image was shown of a man on a bike who had been shot. That man was cycling, perhaps for food, or to visit a relative… he had bought that bike, he possibly used it to cycle to work. He had friends, family. He is more than just the satellite image showing an atrocity.

We are called to bear witness, not simply to the war, but to the lives.

Photo by @ehmitrich on Unsplash