FCJ Reading Centre

The FCJ Learning and Development Center recently opened a Reading Center in the Sandakot extension of Payatas in Metro Manila. We conducted a survey in the communities where we work and discovered that an alarming number of children are unable to read even though they attend school regularly. In part this is due to the two years of pandemic when children were unable to attend school and studied at home. We decided to hire a part-time teacher of reading and, as a first step, to offer tuition in small groups to children aged 8-10 years who are unable to read. Later we hope to extend this service to other age groups.

The Reading Center is very simple but it has been renovated and decorated to make it attractive to the children. So far the response has been very positive from both parents and children. The teacher invites the parents to attend the sessions so that they can support their children and encourage them to persevere. We hope to engender in children a love of reading as this is so important for their future.

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