From Blossoms to Full Bloom

News from the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by Michelle Brennick, its Executive Director. You can explore their Fall 2022 Program Guide

Our gardens and grounds are blossoming, awaiting a little more warmth and sunshine from Mother Nature in order to reach full bloom. Our Centre has moved from its near-dormant COVID state to a spring blossoming with much student action, hosted programs, a world-renown speaker, Spiritual Direction, and private retreats. We are on the verge of a summer bloom, with the addition of some new and exhilarating hosted, residential programs that will bring buzz, activity, and high-spirited energy to the Centre. Our four-month autumn program is in its blossom state as we finalize our suite of offerings in spiritual direction, youth formation, truth and reconciliation, health and wellness, meditation and prayer, plus faith and family. The full program will be posted in July on our website.

Another FCJ Centre blossom that is budding and growing is our fall fundraiser, The FCJ Family Fall Picnic and Fair. Mark your calendars for this fall event, Saturday, September 17, 2022! We’ll be in touch with you for your assistance and support. Looking forward to lots of activity, planning, fun and community building!

In closing, we at the Centre are referring to Summer 2022 as our Blooming Summer. When we live the charism of Marie Madeleine, seek support from and pray to the Holy Spirit, honour the Sisters, FCJ for their immense and selfless devotion to the Centre, and remain committed to our mission and vision, we are confident that blossoms will bloom.

Michelle Brennick,
FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre Executive Director

Explore the Centre Fall 2022 Program Guide.