Submitted by the sisters in the FCJ Community in Myanmar

The month of November marked some special events in our community in Myanmar which led us in gratitude.

On 8th, we rejoiced with Myanmar nationals who voted their second democratic election since the five decades of military rule began. Due to COVID19, preventative measures were strictly implemented on the day. Thankfully, the election was done well without any major interruptions.

On 20 November, we had our community Mass to mark the closing of the FCJ Bicentenary Year and to remember the souls of the faithful departed. Fr Puspobinatmo, an Indonesian Jesuit who has been working in Myanmar for some years presided over the Mass and joined us for a meal.

Thanksgiving Mass to mark the end of FCJ Bicentenary Year
Thanksgiving Mass in the FCJ community to mark the end of our Bicentenary Year


We thanked the family of Albert Tanuredja who prepared beautiful cakes to mark these occasions. We were happy to be able to share some of these cakes with our neighbours.

Echoing the voice of gratitude during our Bicentenary Year Triduum, we are grateful for God’s faithfulness and love in the last 200 years through the people who have been generously sharing their lives with us.



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