Stepping Stone Moments

In the past few days we have taken time to mark “stepping stone” moments for some of the General Chapter members.  There have been opportunities for capitulars to celebrate moments in smaller groups and on the evening of 24th October there was a special celebration for the newly-elected General Superior and her Assistants.

Amidst joyful singing and a prayer of blessing prepared by the Liturgy Committee, we thanked our new leaders for accepting this call from the Chapter body, presenting each of them with a floral tribute. It was an opportunity for us to encourage them as they take this big step in their lives of Faithful Companionship.

The evening continued with everyone joining in a medley of songs, skilfully accompanied by Sr Afra on the piano and people enjoyed storytelling, dancing and spending time together.


Other “stepping stone” moments were dinnertime birthday celebrations for Sr Mary Rose and Sr Maria Katherine (Recording Secretary).

The skilled chefs of the FCJ Retreat and Conference Centre provided specially-baked cakes for each birthday.

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