Section title text:  An FCJ Vocation.

MAGiS - World Youth Days 2011:  VocationCast:  Vocation Interview. Are you wondering where God is calling you in your life?

Find out more about the FCJ Sisters.  Find out more about the FCJ Sisters

Read about how some FCJ Sisters discovered their vocation.  Read about how some FCJ Sisters discovered their vocation

Find out about the vows.  Find out about the vows

Contact an FCJ Sister  Contact an FCJ sister: Email Sr. Barbara.


Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ Sisters)

Chalice and crucifix. As Faithful Companions of Jesus we experience God calling to us through the everyday events of our lives and our world.

We desire to be sent with Jesus, and to accompany him with loving fidelity.

In a world often torn apart by violence and poverty we offer our whole selves for whatever God is asking of us.

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FCJ Sisters make three vows:

Poverty - the freedom to Give
We share all things in common, recognising the human and ecological impact of the drive for ownership and possession.

Chastitiy - the freedom to love
Offering our whole heart to God through this vow, we seek to love all people.

Obedience - the freedom to live
This vow calls us to attentive listening to God’s will, inviting others into our lives and decisions.

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To have this name,
                I would give everything,
                                  all that I am.      (Marie Madeleine, foundress)