A Sweet Project at Genazzano

Submitted by Mrs Rosa Solowiej, FCJ Companion in Mission from Melbourne who works at Genazzano FCJ College 

On behalf of the students in the Year 8 Bee Club at Genazzano FCJ College, Mrs Rosa Solowiej, who runs the Club, presented the Sisters with a jar of honey from the first Gen Honey Harvest. They recently collected 20 kilograms of honey from their hives and plan to sell the honey and other merchandise they have made over the year at a stall at the college on 4 December.

The decision to purchase and house the bee hives at Genazzano was part of the BE Program at Yr 8. [BE Aware, BE Positive, BE Involved, BE Sustainable etc.] The focus on Sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint on planet earth was made clearer by learning how bees make honey and how they are organised as a colony. The students learnt that the bees’ work as pollinators is vital to food security around the world.

The money raised from the sale of honey and merchandise will be donated to support the work of the FCJ Missions in the Philippines.