Bringing Hope Through Planting

Read about how Sr Meita, fcJ from the Yogyakarta community shares her love for creation and her hope with neighbours in need because of the COVID pandemic.
Submitted to mark the Season of Creation.

Many people have experienced the great impact of the current pandemic, including some families of disabled people whom I accompany.  At this uneasy time, one of my activities has been to support them by donating plant seeds, saplings of avocado, and small catfish.

The father of one of these families has lost his job.  I have been helping the family by planting with them watercress and mustard greens, and developing a small catfish farm with which they are able to meet their daily basic needs. In their limited space, watercress and mustard greens were planted in plastic recycled packaging or unused containers, and the small fish were put in buckets. They use poly bags when they grow bigger. Four families have received avocado saplings. Our two Companions in Mission, Indah and Erlin, helped me to deliver the saplings.

I have received their gratitude and know that they have enjoyed their own organic vegetables and catfish.  I have noticed their great hope of having an avocado harvest in future and their desire that one day these activities would be their source of income.

I thank God for the generous heart of our Companions in Mission Indah and Erlin who made it happen. I am grateful for these families’ hope, great desire and increased awareness of how to reuse whatever they have. I am grateful that they also participate in taking care of our common home.