Death of David John, a Leading UK Catholic sculptor

David John, a well known liturgical artist and sculptor, has died. The FCJ Sisters had the privilege to be connected with him. According to Sr Claire fcJ David was inspirational. He designed and made tabernacles, altars and lecterns for various FCJ communities. Theology and a pastoral sensitivity supported all his designs and creations. One of her sisters was a boarder at an FCJ school.

David is the liturgical artist who designed Marie Madeleine’s shrine, the reliquary in which Marie Madeleine’s mortal remains rest in the Church of St. Dominic in Paris. He designed and made the actual casket in which Marie Madeleine is interred. He designed the metal shrine grille and that was cast locally in Gloucestershire. He shared with us some reflections on the making of the elements for the reliquary.

Stroud News reporter James Felton, says in an obituary by The Catholic Network, “There was something unparalleled and inimitable in his gentle warmth… Meeting him was like approaching a softly glowing fireplace. He was so welcoming, pleased to see one, interested, concerned.

David touched the life of our FCJ Society in so many beautiful and meaningful ways. May he rest in peace.