International Companions in Mission Day

Lisa CIM International Coordinator

Lisa, CiM international coordinator of FCJ Companions in Mission, writes about the celebration of International Companions in Mission day – 21 September 2020

Happy International CiM Day! Happy birthday, Marie Madeleine!

What is so HAPPY in celebrating these two events on September 21st with all the chaos that is happening in the world right now? The daily reports of sickness and death from Covid-19, the loss of lives from Black Lives Matter, the Beirut explosion, the fire that destroyed a camp for displaced Rohingya refugees along with various natural disasters and our own personal experiences – don’t encourage us to be happy.

So, what enables us to be happy?

As we know in 1820, Marie Madeleine, having herself experienced great suffering and loss, offered herself faithfully and joyfully to the service of God. Through difficult times she did not give in nor give up, she persevered against all odds. She founded the Faithful Companions of Jesus – a group of dedicated women who were committed to living and sharing the spirituality and charism that was so dear to her. In companionship with Jesus they desired to share this charism in the world.

For us, the ‘HAPPY’ in celebrating this day springs from the gratitude we feel in being gifted with this spirituality and charism through our commitment as Companions in Mission. We commit to live our daily lives in companionship with Jesus, in companionship with the FCJ Society, in companionship with one another, in companionship with family, friends, co-workers and all whom we encounter in this world.

Marie Madeleine once said,

Let us make good use of our time on this earth. Let us do all the good we can, while we can

Marie Madeleine d’Houët

On September 21st let us take the time to be HAPPY and grateful for all the gifts we have received, especially for the gifts of the FCJ spirituality and charism.

In Companionship,

Lisa Gilead
CiM International Coordinator


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