Novena in Memory of Marie Madeleine – Day 2

On 21st September, we celebrate the birthday of Marie Madeleine, who founded the FCJ Society in France almost 200 years ago. Join us as we make a novena in her memory prepared by our sisters in the Philippines.

Day 2: Ask of me what you will

November 1816. One Sunday after Communion, hearing a voice from the tabernacle say to her, “Ask of me what you will,” Marie Madeleine’s prayer became, “Ask of me whatever you wish… All I want is to accomplish your will.”


This novena in memory of Marie Madeleine has been prepared by the sisters in the Philippines. Follow the novena in their facebook page:  FCJ Sisters and Friends Philippines. You can access Day 1 here too.

Visit Marie Madeleine’s pages on this site: Marie Madeleine ¦ Her Life ¦ Her Cause ¦ Her Shrine ¦ Pilgrimage. Follow our Bicentenary celebrations at #FCJ200.