Novena in Memory of Marie Madeleine – Day 9

On 21st September, we celebrate the birthday of Marie Madeleine, who founded the FCJ Society in France almost 200 years ago. Join us as we make a novena in her memory prepared by our sisters in the Philippines.

Day 9: Four Companions

2 July 1817.  While reflecting on her way to St. Acheul, Marie Madeleine’s musing over recent events was interrupted by a voice telling her that she was to have three companions “who were to be very dear to her and from whom she should never be separated”.  These companions were to be poverty, humility and obedience.

She silently asked for a fourth companion and immediately she received the response: – gentleness.


This novena in memory of Marie Madeleine has been prepared by the sisters in the Philippines. Follow the novena in their facebook page:  FCJ Sisters and Friends Philippines. You can access the previous days on our website also.

Visit Marie Madeleine’s pages on this site: Marie Madeleine ¦ Her Life ¦ Her Cause ¦ Her Shrine ¦ Pilgrimage. Follow our Bicentenary celebrations at #FCJ200.