FCJ Young Companions Join the Bicentenary Celebrations

Submitted by Clare, fcJ

On Sunday 15th September the Yoyakarta FCJs welcomed eighteen young people to an Open House in our community. The Open House was held in celebration of our 200th birthday. Our visitors were mainly members of our FCJ Young Companions Group (SAMUDA: Sahabat Muda). The day was an opportunity for our Young Companions to get to know the FCJs better.  It was led by a team of FCJs and FCJ Companions in Mission. After prayers and games there were sessions on Marie Madeleine d’Houët, our founder, and on FCJ Spirituality.  Input was given by Ibu Erlin, Companion in Mission.  Sessions were followed by sharing in small groups.

An opportunity to share
Participants in the Chapel during the Open House


It was deeply touching to see how inspired the young people were by Marie Madeleine’s story.  They wanted to follow her example and to do God’s will with fidelity and joy. We closed the meeting with prayer before enjoying a delicious lunch.  We sat in small groups which allowed for good conversation and sharing. It was a memorable day for all of us.


Visit Marie Madeleine’s pages on this site: Marie Madeleine ¦ Her Life ¦ Her Cause ¦ Her Shrine ¦ Pilgrimage. Follow our Bicentenary celebrations at #FCJ200.